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Forum 1st  December 2021

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In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, travel and the organization of in person meetings was nearly impossible, so the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) has started the Go Global Go Virtual platform that allows communication between Croatian and foreign businesses in order to connect and discuss possible cooperation.
If you are interested to be promoted and find about organisations in Croatia to have your own business meetings and opportunity discussions. Register Now!
How it works
The participation is simple – interested company representatives registers and creates a profile (they can input as much information as they want to best present their product/services and company).
After the profile is validated by the CCE, the participants can browse through the participant list or the companies list and contact the companies/representatives that have an interest for them (only validated participants can communicate through the platform). The participation is free of charge. Language of communication is English.
Participants can schedule meetings at the time most convenient for them, because this is not a one-day event,  We are having the platform open from now till 15 December – the platform will be open for communication between Croatian and Australian companies. 
1st December will be the online Forum date (upload of speeches and materials). Until 15 December the platform would stay open for communication

The Australia Croatia Online Forum
In order to promote the platform and its possibilities better as well as give a chance for organizers to present their services and ways to help with internationalization, there is  one day for the online Forum.
This however is not a live event, but a pre-recorded speeches of the organizers and other materials (promo videos, presentations etc.) that are uploaded on a specific date and are available for participants to access even after the event.

Your role:

Upload your company information - it gives you an opportunity to present your work and services to wider audiences and potential opportunities you maybe interested in Croatia.
You can see how it was done for specific previous markets on the platform’s website also register your business! 

Register yourself and look for businesses within Croatia that you could connect with and book a meeting!

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