The journey from lawyer to Supreme Court Judge

Her Honour Larissa Strk, Supreme Court of Western Australia

It was our privilege to host her Honour Justice Larissa Strk and learn about her remarkable journey from lawyer to Judge at the Supreme Court of Western Australia. It was enlightening to hear about values, challenges, leadership and contributions to our society as the 10th women appointed to the Supreme Court. 

Her Honour provided an amazing insight into role models, mentors, champions and community services. As well as hard work, the ripple effect of Croatian migrants over the past 165 years and challenges in any profession.


In attendance we had from Croatia – the Mayor City of Split Ivica Puljak, Pia Turcinov AM, Andrew Vlahov OAM, Michael Sutherland OAM. Special thanks to Raymond Pecotic, our MC as well as questions that provided insights about her Honours experiences, perspectives and pathways.

Luke Jurcevic provided an update on the “Souvenir” the past year in review.

Realising the goals and accomplishments of the past 12 months.

Highlighting the significant milestones and achievements attained over the past year. Through a detailed retrospective, he illuminated the realisation of goals and showcased the collective accomplishments of the committee throughout the preceding 12 months. This review served as a reflective lens, allowing all to gain an understanding of the journey undertaken, the challenges overcome and the successes celebrated.

Luke's presentation also provided a strategic roadmap for future endeavors, fostering a sense of clarity and direction for continued growth and excellence in the ongoing connecting businesses with the EU, Croatia, WA and with the journey of the Western Australian Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

  “Every year is a souvenir that slowly fades away” Billy Joel.

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