1st - 3rd July, 2023 Slavonia 

The Western Australian Croatian Chamber of Commerce was proud to hold its 2023 Croatian Wine Tour of Slavonia. This event was a celebration of Croatian wine makers across Slavonia contributing to the wine industry.


Been dreaming of this moment for months – a wine tour through the undiscovered vineyards of Slavonia. The air was filled with the scent of grapevines and the promise of adventure.

As they entered the winery's cellar, the air became thick with the rich aroma of aging wines.  At Ilok, a picturesque town perched on the banks of the Danube River. Here, the cellars of the Ilok awaited, holding a collection of wines that echoed the region's past. As we descended into the cool, dimly lit cellar, we marvelled at the ancient oak barrels that lined the walls.

The winery's sommelier, Ana, guided the group through a tasting of Traminac, a golden nectar with floral notes that transported us to fields of blooming wildflowers. Ana explained how the winery had preserved its traditions while embracing modern techniques, resulting in wines that were a perfect balance of heritage and innovation.

The day unfolded like a series of cherished moments, each glass of wine revealing a new facet of Slavonia's character.  The taste of Slavonia lingered, a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary adventures are hidden in the heart of undiscovered landscapes.

Amazing tour, amazing wine.

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