Sisak , Croatia 28th - 30th September 2023 

Meeting G2.9   President Antun Buterin opened the event. with HE Richard Rodgers the Australian Ambassador to Croatia also presenting. With fantastic presentations by Dario Magdic, Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, Alisa Andresek, Boris Pogačnik - Infobip and the Key note speaker Matt Sertic as well as his host venue an amazing  achievers.

"Sisak Unites: A global gathering for optimistic business collaboration" L. Jurcevic

In the heart of Croatia, on the picturesque banks of the Kupa River, the city of Sisak and Meeting G2 -  played host to a remarkable event on the 28th of September.

The occasion was nothing short of a spectacle – a Croatian business networking event that aimed to propel the local economy forward by fostering international collaboration. Business representatives from over 25 countries descended upon Sisak, a testament to the growing global interest in the potential of this charming region. At the forefront of this ambitious venture was Tonci Buterin, the visionary president and organiser.

From early morning to dusk, the Sisak business networking event was a whirlwind of activity, with the vibrant energy of collaboration permeating every corner. The historic city, known for its resilient spirit and rich heritage, proved to be the perfect backdrop for forging connections that transcended borders. The event was a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and opportunities, as representatives from diverse industries engaged in dialogue to explore avenues of mutual growth.

Tonci Buterin, reflecting on the success of the event, expressed gratitude for the collective effort that made it possible. He emphasized the importance of unity in driving positive change, stating, "Sisak is more than a city; it's a community that believes in the power of collaboration. Together, we can achieve greatness with optimism."

The ripple effects of the international connections made during those impactful days were already being felt, with businesses gearing up for new ventures and the local community brimming with optimism. The Croatian business networking event in Sisak had not only put the city on the global business map but had also exemplified the transformative power of collaboration. Sisak had opened its doors to the world, and the world had responded with enthusiasm, ready to embark on a journey of shared success.

Tonci Buterin, the driving force behind the event, displayed an unwavering commitment to putting Sisak on the global business map. As the president and organizer, Buterin's vision was clear – to showcase the untapped potential of Sisak and provide a platform for international businesses to discover and invest in this gem of a city and region. His leadership ensured that the event was not just a meeting of minds but a catalyst for real, tangible outcomes.

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of business leaders from 25 different countries, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to the table. From the bustling metropolises of Australasia to the innovation hubs of Europe and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Americas, Sisak became a global hub for collaboration. The diversity of industries represented – technology, manufacturing, tourism, and more – sparked conversations that promised innovation and progress for Sisak. Luke Jurcevic presented viewpoints from Australia and initiatives undertaken.

The event wasn't confined to conference rooms and networking sessions alone; participants were also treated to the cultural richness of the region. The medieval castle, surrounded by lush greenery, served as a metaphor for the resilience of Sisak and its people throughout history. Participants marvelled at the blend of tradition and progress that defined the city and its surroundings.

A visit to Zrin, a nearby historical site, provided a glimpse into Croatia's storied past. We were provided with an amazing tour and incites into the historical town and events that occurred by Branka.

As the sun set over Sisak, a tangible sense of accomplishment lingered in the air. The networking event had not only succeeded in bringing together diverse businesses but had also laid the foundation for future collaborations. Business partnerships were forged, agreements were discussed and the seeds of long-lasting relationships were planted. The event had not just been a showcase of Sisak's potential; it had become a catalyst for its economic revitalisation.

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