Congratulations Ivana Šimunović
The Hague


After completing my secondary education studies at Santa Maria College, was offered the Curtin Business School Scholarship to study a double degree of Law and International Relations. Initially, I wanted to undertake a degree in Forensic Psychology - but was encouraged by my year 10 History and Politics teacher to look into the legal world and have not looked back since.

Human Rights

From day one, I have had a strong interest and passion for human rights, international relations and justice. My short exchange to Maastricht University studying European Union law cemented this interest and confirmed that I wanted to be able to contribute to these areas on an international level.                          

During the course of my 5 year undergraduate degree, I was fortunate enough to have a diverse university experience.

This included various work experiences at several law firms throughout Perth (including one at HopgoodGanim accredited to my degree), extra curricular activities such as being Career Officer of the Curtin Student Law Society and an overseas exchange to Maastricht University.

Though I applied to several universities, my heart was set on the hardest one to get into - Leiden University, or better known to most as The Hague.

After obtaining the Curtin Law School Award for Best Student in Public International Law 2018, I decided to take a leap of faith and apply for Masters of Law (Advanced Studies in International and European Human Rights Law).

After weeks of anxiously waiting, I obtained a place in the prestigious program. 

The constant encouragement and support of my friends, family, professors, employers and most importantly, my mum, has been an inherent part of my journey and I can safely say I wouldn’t come this far without it.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds, both over the next year during my postgrads studies and beyond.

31st July 2019 MLADI CRO