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The Western Australian Croatian Chamber of Commerce hosted it's first event for 2019 inviting presenters, attendees and member Brank Cubelic from the Meeting G2 - Zagreb November 2018 event to Australia.

"On Thursday 8th February at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre we provided informative presentations on hosting an event or wedding in Croatia with Brank Ćubelić, Health Tourism with Lucija Kraljičković and access to EU funding with Tanya Kovačević. This was a great opportunity for our members to be informed about some of the latest events, achievements and opportunities to connect businesses within Western Australia and Croatia.

Following on from WA having the strongest support with attendance for the G2 event over the last four years, it was a pleasure to have attendees come to Perth, WA". said Luke Jurcevic President of the WA Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

Branka Cubelic – presented her business Dreamtime Events delivering some of the most prestigious events across many industries – including with Royal families within Europe. Including weddings with her team of international professional creative event planners.

Lucija Kraljičković- presented on health tourism and her business Treatigo – helping international patients organise medical treatments, prior to their next trip to Croatia. Extending discussions within Australia of health capability sharing.

Tanja Kovacevic - presented how to access EU funds for a range of projects extending your business within Croatia and the EU. Demonstrating how to apply and utilising her services for an end-to-end advisory service via KOTA PROJEKT d.o.o.

Following on from the G2 Meeting event in Zagreb:

Perth Convention Centre

Export to EU

Branka Cubelic

An amazing presentation - for your personally organised future event in Croatia

Luke Jurcevic

WA & EU presentation a goal following on from the G2 Meeting.


Croatian Businesses 


Opportunities across WA


Special announcements!

Hosting your event

What a presentation!

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