Australia/New Zealand Croatian Women in Leadership Summit
Canberra November 15-17th
Proud of the Western Australian representation and presentations! 

Fran Jelavic Roberts

Vice-President Fran led the WA group, "extremely proud with the sponsorship of the event and through assisting with the nomination and coordination of our 3 wonderful panel speakers, Mary, Darlene and Lidia.

Lidia Kukulj-Tinelli

"Social Media and the importance of it"
Influencer, Creative Director LCK Productions, Executive Member 

Darlene  Gnjec

"Unapologetically Croatian – Our Secret to Creativity"
Director - Brown Street Studio, Executive Member

Mary Retel

"It is my attitude, not my aptitude, that determines my altitude"
ex Deputy Director of Catholic Education, WA Currently Private consultant

Ida Gamulin

WA Consul representative

H.E. Ambassador Betty Pavelich and Sonja Palic

The inaugural Australia/New Zealand Croatian Women in Leadership Summit.  A day two on the job objective achieved - congratulations!